• 16th Istanbul Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition
  • 11-14 April 2019
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Commercial deals worth $150 million were made in IDEX

The 15th Istanbul Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition - IDEX Istanbul, one of the world's three largest exhibitions in its field, was held at CNR Expo Yeşilköy with the participation of over 1,000 brands represented by 312 companies displayed on 25.000 sqm area. The exhibition organized between 12-15 April made a mark with its record-breaking number of participants, the size of the exhibition area, as well as the number of commercial deals made.


In the exhibition displaying the latest technological products of the industry, business deals worth $150 million were made with a 20% increase compared to the previous year.


IDEX Istanbul organized by Pozitif Fuarcilik, a CNR Holding company, in collaboration with the Turkish Dental Businessmen Association (DİSŞİAD) plays an essential role both in the development of dental health equipment and the increase in the trade volume of the industry in Turkey. AK Party Tekirdağ Deputy Ayşe Doğan, DİŞSİAD Chairman Ali Çakır participated in the opening of the exhibition hosted by CNR Holding Chairman Ceyda Erem.


16,152 visitors of which 1,645 were international, attended IDEX Istanbul Exhibition hosting breakthrough technology and services in the oral and dental health industry. The exhibition achieving a 33% increase in the number of international visitors, has welcomed professionals from over 70 countries including Europe, the Balkans, the Gulf States, Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States within the context of B2B Matching Program of Procurement Committees supported by the Ministry of Economy. Buyers from abroad made new business deals with Turkish manufacturers through bilateral talks.


IDEX Istanbul, the only international exhibition of the Turkish dental industry, had a record-breaking number of domestic and foreign visitors thanks to the exhibition committee and the intensive work of CNR Holding.


150 Special Guests Came from 40 Cities


IDEX Istanbul organized at CNR Expo Yeşilköy welcomed 150 exclusive sector professionals from Anatolia including ADSM (Oral Dental Health Center) Chief Physicians, Deans of Faculty of Dentistry and Hospital Managers. The exhibition closely followed by the international arena hosted thousands of visitors and dozens of companies from around the world.


3rd Dental Tribune Turkey Symposium


The "Dental Tribune Turkey Symposium" organized with the corporation of DTI, the world's most extensive press media network, CNR Holding, and DİŞSİAD received great interest this year. 1,712 people among which included dentists, dental technicians, and dental assistants closely followed the symposia during the exhibition. In this congress and symposia, regarded as highly crucial for the oral and dental health industry, innovations and developments were addressed in detail in the fields of application created in the exhibition area. Most prominent academics and experts from around the world gave presentations to the industry workers and students on the innovations.


32 national and international speakers have covered 21 different topics during the four-day-long congress held in 24 sessions.

The Croixture company specialized in the dental clinic clothing style organized a "Croixture Dental Costume Show."


We love our Teeth; We Visit our Dentist


"We love our Teeth; We Visit our Dentist" project conducted by the Association of Dynamic Dentists and sponsored by DİŞSİAD was also carried out during the exhibition. The goal of the project is to prevent any fear of dentists and dental visits that could occur in children at an early age. Within the scope of the project, children between the ages of five and ten were first informed on oral health in an environment exclusively prepared for them and later they were allowed to give a dental examination to each other.