• 17th International Istanbul Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition
  • 8-11 April 2021
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Oral and dental health can't be segregated from general health!

Oral and dental diseases cause a lot of systemic illnesses. Impairment of oral and dental health increase the risks of heart and cardiovascular system diseases, diabetes, pneumonia, respiratory tract diseases, gastroenterology diseases, orthopedic diseases, psychosomatic diseases increase the risks of low birth weight babies and premature births.

Diabetes can be caused by dental and oral problems


World Health Organization (WHO) and World Dental Federation (FDI) have released a report stating that 36 million people die each year from chronic illnesses. Untreated diabetes results in severe organ damage.

The studies show that 80-100% of the people with Type 2 Diabetes and a considerable number of people with Type 1 diabetes have oral and dental problems.

Cancer And Dental Health

In the last years, there has been a substantial increase in cancer cases. It’s possible to prevent many cancers with certain precautions.

Mouth cancers can be diagnosed in the early stages by dentists.

A dentist visit every 6 months is essential for our general and oral health.