• 17th International Istanbul Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition
  • 8-11 April 2021
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Oral-Dental Health industry benefits from the courses at IDEX

16th IDEX Istanbul, Oral-Dental Health Equipment and Materials Exhibition hosted several workshops and courses for oral-dental health industry professionals and students.


New developments were discussed at the courses, which were organized at 2-5 entrance of the exhibition venue, in special rooms with a capacity of 20 people.


The course titles “Full on Four: Little Tricks and Solves” by Dr. Fabio Faustini and “Clinical Procedures for Successful Esthetic Restorations” by Prof. Dr. Kosmas Tolidis


Please click here for information about the academicians.


Don’t forget to register for the courses at https://www.dtsempozyum.com/onlinekayit.html